Aanya Thakur

October 12, 2021

Two Texas Siblings Seek to Create Their Own Crypto Token

Not long ago, Live Bitcoin News produced an article about a pair of siblings living in Texas that had created their own successful mining business. Ishaan and Aanya Thakur – 13 (now 14) years of age and nine years of age, respectively – had studied mining videos on YouTube and converted old equipment to extract Ethereum and other forms of crypto from the blockchain. Texas Siblings Take Their Love of Crypto to the Furthest Reaches Now, these siblings are looking to take their knowledge of crypto mining to a whole new level. They want to make their own cryptocurrency. In a recent statement, the kids say they are looking to release their own unique asset by the end of the year. Known as Flifer Coin, the siblings say they have hired programmers to assist them in their new venture. Ishaan […]